For Our Community Service Partners

We want to hear from you!  It is important that we collaborate to ensure that students are engaged in a valuable service experience, and that their services are benefitting the agencies and the people they serve.  Our Community Service program offers THREE ways for you to give us immediate, actionable feedback.

First, you can always directly contact the Community Service Coordinator, using the Contact Information.

Second, towards the end of each semester, we will send you an electronic Volunteer Evaluation Report Form, which you can fill out for each Marble Hill volunteer at your agency.  Please make sure that we have your e-mail address, so that we can ensure accountability on all levels.

Third, if on a specific day you held an event where a student performed exceptional service, or you felt there was a major issue with the professionalism of a student, you can fill out the Volunteer Evaluation Report form below before the end of the semester.  We can then make sure the student or students are recognized for their achievement at school, or take appropriate actions to improve the program.

Volunteer Evaluation Report