Forms & Documents


Find the documents you need to start your service here!  Below you can find:
  • Site Request -Parental Consent Form (2 pages): This is a very important document that must be completed and handed in to make your Community Service official. Page 1 specifies where you will be doing your community service and provides the details of your placement. Page 2 is the official document that indicates that your parents/guardians are aware of the community service placement and that they give permission for you engage in the service. Once you are accepted at a site and your parents/guardians have given permission for you to do community service there, you must present the completed form to the Community Service Coordinator for approval BEFORE you begin volunteer service.
  • Community Service Time Sheet:  The key form for getting your Community Service hours recorded by the Community Service Coordinator.  Make sure to submit a completed time sheet by the end of each month! 
  • Introduction to Community Service Presentation: This document addresses concerns students often have.
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