Fall 2016, p.2

IMG_1793.JPGBreaking Borders at Riverdale Country School's 
Riverdale Community Action Day 
Saturday, November 19, 2016 

Now in its third year, Breaking Borders held its first meeting and service event on Saturday, November 19, 2016. Breaking Borders is a student led collaboration between students at Marble Hill School for International Studies and Riverdale Country School. Jacob Kern from Riverdale Country School and Ashley Fontanilla from Marble Hill School, the leaders from their respective schools, planned the day’s activities.
After sharing time as a group and lunch, Breaking Borders students toured the school which was holding a its annual Riverdale CommunityIMG_1803.JPG Action Day. In support of the event, the Breaking Borders students participated in a garden clean up and upkeep at Greyston Gardens, a community garden near Riverdale Country School. The Marble Hill School students who participated in this events were: Ashley Fontanilla, Derenis Santana, Stanley Antoine, Mouhammadou Kane and Mohsen Sharan.IMG_3328.JPG