Fall 2016, p.5

Marble Hill School Students Honor the Life of Martin Luther King, Jr. 
in a Day of Service
By Emelyn C. Rosario

On Monday, February 16, 2017, a group of 10D students volunteered for a community service event that was held at Thurgood Marshall Academy in Manhattan. It was a service event on behalf of Martin Luther King, Jr. and it focused on providing a day of fun and games in the Harlem community. We helped organize the place, organize the food, serve food, and pick up trash. At half time we participated in a sports activity; the boys played a basketball game. Much of the afternoon there were various presentations of dances, singing and poems. All of these in name or recognition to MLK. After all the activities, we returned to serve food and some of us began to organize and clean the place. It was a great experience and I would like to repeat it again. The student volunteers were Emelyn Rosario, Marleny Sanchez, Samelly Pena, Leslie Vera, Luis Paulino, Jefry Martinez, and Yenrik Fernandez.

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Left: Emelyn Rosario, Samelly Pena and Leslie Vera in the foreground; Yenrik Fernandez and Marleny Sanchez in the background.

Below: Yenrik unpacks water bottles.

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Below and right: Students help clean the space.
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