January 2016 Spotlight

Marble Hill Cares Student Community Service Group 
Carries Out Environmental Awareness Campaign
    During the fall 2015 semester, Marble Hill Cares Community Service Student Group decided to explore the connection between pollution and the health of the environment. Then the students decided to carry out an awareness campaign about what they had learned regarding the effects of pollution on the environment and our health, and ways to help reduce the levels of environmental pollution in order to help restore the health of our planet.
    As a culmination of the campaign, on January 13, 2016 all MHSIS students were asked to make a pledge to do at least one thing differently from now on, and starting immediately, which would have a positive impact on restoring our planet’s health. Marble Hill Cares students also prepared and gave out bookmarks to remind students of their pledges.

What is Marble Hill Cares Student Community Service Group? 
    Marble Hill Cares is a group of MHSIS students who want to set an example to peers to become better citizens and improve the community. The group meets regularly on Wednesdays 1:00 - 2:00 in room 850. However, it meets for longer periods of time as needed.
    The main goal of Marble Hill Cares is to create a better Bronx and a better world. The group hopes to make a positive impact in the community by identifying problems, exploring them, and planning and participating in events to try to solve or create awareness of the problems. 
    Ashley Fontanilla is the student leader of this group.

Above and below: Students posted information facts about  recycling and reducing waste in the school's corridors. Above: Ibrahim Ouedraogo .

Below: Ashley Fontanilla and Miralba Quiroz talk to students during the advisory periods on January 13, 2016 and ask them to make a resolution to help restore the health of the planet. In return, the students receive a bookmark to remind them of their pledges.

Below: The pie chart depicts the analysis of the students' pledge responses. To view details, click on the chart. 

Above: Naudy Quezada's illustration depicting the effects of pollution on the health of the planet

Students Miralba Quiroz, Sulmarien Martinez, Ibrahim Ouedraogo (above) and Steven Montas (below) prepare information facts to post around the school.

Below: The pledge card

Pledge to Help Restore the Health of Our Planet

Which ONE action will you take and practice starting today? Check ONE.

I will …

use recycling bins correctly in cafeterias.

set up recycling bins at home and ask all my family members to use them.

save energy by turning lights off.

buy energy efficient products.

conserve water by turning off the water while brushing my teeth.

save energy by unplugging my chargers and appliances when I am not home.

reduce waste by reusing containers, bottles and bags.

take my own re-usable shopping bags when I go shopping.

buy products made from recycled materials.

reduce waste by taking and donating the things I no longer want to a thrift store or recycling center instead of throwing them in the garbage.

help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by walking or riding a bike to my destination whenever I can.