December 2015 Spotlight

Student Volunteers Help Make Marble Hill School’s 
Annual International Dinner a Success

On December 17, 2015, Marble Hill School for International Studies held its Annual International Dinner.  The dinner is part of the school’s International Day, which, following the school’s international theme, celebrates and the diversity of world cultures and of its diverse student body.  Guests included students and their families, school staff, mentors from the iMentor program, students and staff from Riverdale Country School (who participate with some of our Marble Hill School students as Breaking Borders), representatives from The DreamYard Project, and representatives from The Riverdale Press. It was an evening of fun, joy, and pride!
The event was a great success, thanks to the volunteer services of over 45 Marble Hill students.  Students prepared and took charge of ethnic garments to lend to students and guests during the celebration. They decorated and set up the dinner area, and helped serve food to guests. In addition, students held a fashion show, provided musical entertainment, showcased dances, and with the help of the DreamYard dance instructor taught dance steps to parents and other guests. Students also helped clear out the space when it was all over. Thanks to all!

Above: Student volunteer Luisais Taveras.

Above: Some of our most committed school service volunteers.

Above: Principal Ms. Larson welcomes and introduces guests.

Above: Ninth grade students demonstrate ballroom salsa dancing learned in their DreamYard dance class.

Below: After the salsa demonstration, students gave guests salsa lessons.

Below: And soon everyone was dancing!

Above: Students make sure cold water is ready for guests.

Above: Student volunteers Nyima and Miralba help students from Riverdale Country School select garments to wear during the event.

Above: Student volunteers help serve food to guests. The pot-luck style international dishes were donated by parents and school staff.

Below: Marble Hill students with their mentors from the iMentor program.

Below: DreamYard dance instructor and students exchanged dance steps.

Below: Students and guests learned Middle Eastern dance steps.