November 2015 Spotlight

Above: Student in harness used to prune dead branches.

Above: Students learn to process seeds.
Ashley Fontanilla Joins the New York Cares Fall Teen Service Team
    One of our eleventh grade students, Ashley Fontanilla,  was selected in September to join the New York Cares Teen Service Team. In order to join, students must submit an application and go through an interview process.  In this 14-week program students learn and develop leadership skills, and earn volunteer hours. All students can apply for this selective opportunity which is offered in the fall and again in the spring. Asked how she likes the program, Ashley responded with an enthusiastic "I love it."  Congratulations, Ashley!

Marble Hill School Students Volunteer with GallopNYC

    Thanks to Ashley Fontanilla's involvement with the New York Cares Teen Service Team, Marble Hill School was introduced to  GallopNYC.  This year we have established a relationship with this organization, which offers a therapeutic horsemanship program in Riverdale. Volunteers learn how horses are used for therapy and they assist instructors with therapy lessons.  There are currently nine student volunteers participating in this four-week program, which will also run in the spring. The volunteers are: Kiara de la Rosa, Petrriann De Bond, Darsheen Pagan, Prince Boafo, Hickson Frimpong, Juan Almanzar, Naudy Quezada, Omar Castelan and Miralba Quiroz. 

RCC Volunteers Assess the Health of Soil, Trees, and Plants

    From October to December 2015, students in the Ranger Conservation Corps at Van Cortlandt Park learned how to assess and manage the health of trees, plants and soil. They also learned to identify plants and trees, as well as their practical and medicinal values. 
    Asked to name one activity they did that could help the community, Maximo Contreras indicated, “We learned which plants are poisonous and we can spread that knowledge to others,” while Giovanni Arenas stated that learning to test soil was important because it “helps to tell whether the soil has good PH to use for plants.” 

Above: Students assess the health of soil samples.