Spring 2016, page 5

Bronx Volunteer Coalition Highlights MHSIS Students' Service with GallopNYC
Tenth grader Melanie De Jesus has already completed over 300 hours of community service, so why has she volunteered more of her time in the service of GallopNYC? On the other hand, tenth grader Alexa Melendez, is engaged in her first high school on-going service experience by volunteering with GallopNYC. What drew her to this particular volunteer opportunity? These are some of the questions Ariane Cohen, from the Bronx Volunteer Coalition (BXVC), hoped to answer as she interviewed Melanie and Alexa for her Volunteer Story Project. See the interview here:
Above: Melanie and Alexa at the Riverdale Equestrian Center in Van Cortlandt Park, where GallopNYC serves the northwest Bronx.

Left to right: Evin Marquez from BXVC, Beth McReynolds from GallopNYC, Ariane Cohen from BXVC, Melanie De Jesus and Alexa Melendez.